Tips on converting Blu ray/DVD folder to MKV

Being an open standard free HD container format, MKV is widely used by most users to hold videos with multiple subtitles and audio tracks. Sometimes, you may need to enjoy Blu ray movies without Blu ray drive while keeping the high video quality, then MKV will be your best choice. It would be the wonderful choice for you to convert Blu-ray to MKV and enjoy the high quality video with Leawo Blu ray to MKV converter. How to convert Blu ray/DVD to MKV? In this post, you will get the step-by-step guide on how to convert Blu ray/DVD folder to MKV.

Download and install Blu ray to MKV converter.
Download and install Blu ray to MKV converter for Mac.

How to convert Blu ray/DVD folder to MKV?

Step1. Run the program and load Blu-ray folder
Run Blu ray to MKV converter, click “Load BD” to import Blu ray folder from your pc to the program. Or click “Load DVD” to import DVD folder or DVD disc.
Step2. Choose subtitles and audio tracks
Check the title or chapter you want to retain subtitles and audio tracks. Click “All Subtitles” and “All Audio Tracks” buttons, all original subtitles and audio tracks included in Blu-ray/ DVD title or chapter will be displayed. Then you can select the one you need or just all of them for output. Meanwhile, the built-in player allows you to preview videos, subtitles and audio tracks separately.
Step3. Convert Blu ray/DVD folder to MKV
Click “Convert” in main interface to get the Blu-ray/DVD folder to MKV conversion started. The converting status can be viewed on the pop-up panel.

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