Ripping Bluray Movies to iPhone 4S with Blu Ray to MKV Converter on Mac

Have you saw Source Code, the science fiction-techno-thriller film? It is a movie deserved to collect. The movie is much like Inception, about modified reality and inner space. Yet, Source Code is more interesting and more able to incubate real drama, real suspense and even some real humor.

The movie starts with a US army helicopter pilot who has crashed in Afghanistan woke up on a train and in the body of an unknown man. He doesn’t know what is happening and what is going on. After 8 minutes, a catastrophic event then hurls Colter back into a situation that is in some ways even more perplexing. He is in uniform, injured and immobilised in what appears to be part of a wrecked military aircraft. Through communicating with a commanding officer, gradually he learned that he is part of government experiment called Source Code. His mission is to find out the bomber in eight minutes to release much larger target threatening to kill millions in downtown Chicago. SO he re-live the train accident over and over again, gathering clues to figure out who is the bomber.

How can we rip Blu-ray movies like Source Code for playback on iPhone 4S and other mobile devices? Blu Ray to MKV Converter can help us to do that.

Guide on how to copy Blu ray movies to iPhone 4S for playback with Blu Ray to MKV Converter on Mac.

Download Blu Ray to MKV Converter for Mac

Step 1-Load Blu-ray files in.

Insert Blu-ray movie disc into drive. Run Blu ray to MKV converter for Mac and click load button to import Blu-ray movie files to the ripper. Also you can import DVD disc/folder or Blu-ray disc/folder as well.

Step 2-Choose target profile.

Choose on “Movie Mode” to move on. Pick one subtitle and audio track for output video files. Click on “Media Edit” in “Edit” within top menu to customize output video: trim, crop, rotation, effect and watermark, these are optional, you are free to skip them.

Here is the point, hit the button just before 3D to pick format for output, for playing on iPhone, pick one within “Apple” tab. Click on the plus sign to set advanced settings: video codec, quality, video size, frame rate or so.

Step 3- Check all settings and click convert icon. A progress will show you converting process, required time. You may choose to shut down computer or open output folder after conversion. The last thing we can do is to wait.

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