How to Rip Blu ray to MKV on Mac?

Blu-ray movie become more and more popular right now due to its huge storage space and excellent picture quality. It enable recording, rewriting, and playback of high-definition video, as well as storing large amounts of traditional DVDs and can hold up to 25GB on a single-player disc and 50GB on a dual-layer disc. Yet, playback of Blu-ray disc is not so convenient, how can we rip Blu ray to MKV for Mac?

Try Blu ray to MKV Converter for Mac. It can directly rip common Blu-ray discs with high speed and excellent HD quality on Mac for unlimited playback on various payers and portable devices.

The following guide will give you the easiest way to rip blu ray to MKV for Mac with Mac Blu ray Ripper.


Step 1-Load Blu-ray files to Blu ray to MKV converter for Mac.

Insert Blu-ray movie disc into drive. Run Blu ray to MKV converter for Mac and click load button to import Blu-ray movie files to the ripper. Also you can import DVD disc/folder or Blu-ray disc/folder as well.

Step 2-Choose target profile.

After insert Blu-ray movie in, you can preview the movie with built-in player on the right. The subtitles and audio tracks could be selected right here.

Click profile button to set target output profile for your devices. The Blu-ray ripper for Mac provides various output profile options. Here we choose “MKV” or “HD MKV” among Common Video or HD Video.

For advanced video/audio setting, please click the plus sign. Some common video and audio parameters are free to adjust there.

Step 3-Converting. If all have been prepared, you just need to click to start to rip Blu ray to MKV. Ripping process and required time and space are show on the window.

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