How to Play MKV Files in Win 7?

Windows 7 Media Center does support HD content, but it isn’t able to handle Matroska files with MKV file extension. MKV format has been increasing in popularity in recent times. Many people are getting used to rip Blu-ray discs to MKV for sharing. MKV is a very versatile container that can store multiple videos, audio, images and subtitles in one file. Many high definition movies we can get from website are in MKV format. Nevertheless, Windows 7 operating system doesn’t support MKV file playback well, that is because Windows 7 OS doesn’t come with some codec pre-installed.

So, if you want to play MKV files in Win 7 perfectly. Two options offered.

1. One way is to download an all-inclusive media player. A player that includes multiple codec which can play MKV files smoothly. Like VLC media player, Media Player Classic.

2. Another way is to install codec pack that can enable Windows Media Center play MKV files perfectly. There are many codec packs available to free download, for instance: K-Lite Codec Pack, Shark007. Get one you like. Install them into your computer, then open MKV files with Windows Media Center. You will find Windows Media Center can work with MKV videos fine. While the file is playing, a icon will emerge at the bottom right corner of your desktop. It is the window panel for codec pack, right click on it, then you can change sound tracks and subtitles, chapters…

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