How to Make 3D Video Easily?

Do you want to make 3D video by yourself? If you have a 3D camera, creating 3D video will be a lot simpler. You can still create 3D video on your own without one. Since Hollywood has decided every blockbuster has to be in 3D now, why don’t we follow the tendency? Out there, some methods are posted online show us how to make 3D videos, for instance buy a 3D camera/camcorder, create 3D video with two side by side cameras…

We are about to show you a much easier way, no need 3D gadgets or complex steps. You can do your own 3D video in three steps.

1-Install Video to MKV Converter and insert videos  

Download Video to MKV Converter, launch it. Click “File” to add video files or video folder or directly drag-and-drop videos into the application. The program support almost all popular video formats, you can insert both downloaded movies and videos taken by yourself.

2-3D settings

First, you need to choose format for output files, MKV is recommended. Then click 3D settings button img1 or img2. Four 3D setting modes are offered: Red/Cyan, Blue/Yellow, Interleaved, Side by Side. For more anaglyph effects, please adjust 3D Depth. You can watch converted 3D movies which in front three settings with a pair of archetypical 3D glasses on a common computer with usual media player. If you have specialized 3D hardware, you may choose the last one mode Side by Side which only can be enjoyed on 3D hardware.

3-Begin to make 3D video

Once you have finished 3D settings, back to main interface and click  to convert video to 3D.

By the way, this video to MKV converter additionally supplied some edit functions: trim, crop, effect and watermark.

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