How to Copy Blu-ray Disc Movies with Lossless Audio & Video Effect?

Blu-ray also known as Blu-ray Disc (BD) is a new optical sic format jointly developed by a group of the world’s leading consumer electronics, personal computer and media manufacturers. Nowadays, Blu-ray is the newest innovation and widely used to store high definition movies. Almost every new launched movies or video series will market Blu-ray version for sale. The capability of Blu-ray makes itself more expensive than DVD or HD DVD.

If you have some Blu-ray discs and plans to back up the content and protect disc from scratches. This guide may offer you an option.

Bluray to MKV Converter is a professional too for backing up DVD & Blu-ray movies to MKV for play back on computer or HD media players with lossless effect.

Step by step guide on copy Blu-ray disc movies with lossless effect.

Download Bluray to MKV converter first:

Step1-Run Bluray to MKV converter. Click on  to load disc content. Please make sure you have insert Blu-ray disc in drive. Load BD/DVD ROM, after seconds, all data in disc will be listed in the program.

Step 2-Choose entire disc, then  will light up, click it. Then “Edit Disc” panel will pop out. Any changes will apply to whole disc content. Click the down menu of “Format”, choose “Lossless” for output. Click OK to get back to main interface.

Step 3-Set a folder on your computer as targeted folder. Afterwards, click on img4 to start backing up Blu-ray to MKV lossless. The program will put your Blu-ray movie into MKV container with all data within disc, all audio tracks, subtitles and video tracking will be package into MKV without any quality loss. Once the conversion is finished, open up targeted folder to get exported files.

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