How to Convert VOB to MKV?

“Guys, I am trying to find some suggestions of software to convert my ripped DVD’s into another formats pref MKV. I have used DVD decrypter to rip movies into VOB files. I now want to then convert these to MKV. It is crucial to keep the quality of the VOB files. I don’t want any reduction in quality from the original VOB files. I will be watching the movies on a HD screen so quality is more important than file size. If anyone can recommend software or presets for handbrake, that would be great. –Pat1”
This is one question I saw on Whirlpool forum. This guy is finding an application that can convert VOB to MKV files without any quality reduction. Video to MKV converter will meet his needs with high quality.
Free trial is available. Let’s have a try.

It will guide you how to convert VOB to MKV with detailed steps.

Step 1—Load the VOB files.
Click  to load source files. This application supports many popular video formats. Since you want to convert VOB to MKV, here please add them into program. You may check “File” to “Add video Folder”.

Step2—Set parameters for Output
Check “Profile” to select output format. Many preset output formats for various devices are offered. Type “MKV” in search box, then you can find MKV formats.

For more advanced parameters, please go to “Settings”. Many further parameters for video and audio are available to adjust, like Video Codec, Quality, Video Size, etc.

Step3—Optional to Edit Output
With the functions, this software is easy for you to perfect output video by adjusting video effect, trimming and cropping video or add watermarks.

When the above things are all ready, click  to start convert VOB to MKV. You see, it is easy, the output quality definitely will meet your demands.


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