How to Convert MOD to MKV Files?

MOD file format used on many digital camcorders, such as the JVC Everio, the Canon FS100 and the Panasonic D-Snap SD-card camcorders. All those camcorders create .mod files are nothing but MPEG-2 files with AC3 audio. So how can we convert MOD files into MKV files?

Method A:

If your original .mod files are mot so large, you can easily rename them into MKV files or AVI, MPG, then they can be read easily by most video editing or playback tools.

Method B:

The above way is for small size .mod files, if renamed those large size .mod files, they may look horrible, with aliasing effects, distortion and image squeezed. Under that circumstance, we will need a tool to do us a favor.

Leawo Video to MKV converter will help you to make the whole process work smoothly.

Learn more about Leawo Video to MKV converter:

Mini guide on how to convert MOD video to MKV

1.Load MOD files

Click add icon on the toolbar or “File” to load the original .mod files you want to convert.

2.Set output parameters

Click “Profile”, choose “MKV” from the down list which provides you various video and audio formats like MP4, MOV, WMA, AVI etc.

Then, choose one folder as destination by clicking output browse.

For more advanced settings, please head to “Settings” to adjust general video and audio parameters.

3.Start the conversion of MOD to MKV

After the above settings, click “Convert” button on the toolbar to start converting.

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