How to Convert MKV to M2TS?

.M2TS files are generally used with Sony devices and formats, for example AVCHD and Blu-ray, camcorders. Some Canon camcorder models also employ M2TS files. The file is capable of storing quite a large amount of information and streams and save the video data over high capacity Blu-ray discs.

MKV files come with HD video definition and high effect equal to DVD. How can we convert MKV to M2TS so that the file can be burn on Blu-ray discs or for further use.

1.Install and Run MKV Converter. Download from

After installation, launch the application, here is the primary interface:

2. Load Source File

Load source MKV files from your computer. There are two ways: click icon to input or directly drag and drop them in the program.

3.Customize the Output Format

Set output formats as M2TS in “Profile”. Almost all popular video formats are supported. You can type in “M2TS” in search box to locate the targeted format.

If you are an expert, want to adjust further setting parameters, please click “Settings” below profile, you can change detail video and audio parameters are wanted there.

4.Edit M2TS Files

If you hope exported M2TS files are unique, you can customize it in .

Trim: Modify the “Start Time“and “End time” with values directly.

Crop: Select a cropping style in “Letter Box“, and do the offset for a precise dimension.

Effect: Adjust the video effect for a better visual effect. Simply drag the slides of “Brightness“, “Contrast“, “Saturation” and Audio “Volume” to adjust the output video effect.

Watermark: Add textual or image watermark to converted video file

5. Final Step

Hit the to begin the conversion, and you can get the final files after a while (The converting time depends on the number of the files you are converting).

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