How to Convert MKV to DVD?

“Does anyone know how to convert a MKV video file to DVD? What software I should use? Or possibly convert the MKV file to AVI since I already know how to convert the AVI file and how to burn it to a DVD”


Convert MKV to DVD actually is quite easy if you choose the right tool. The less conversion you do, the quicker and better the quality. Want to convert MKV to DVD, you should to utilize DVD creator not a video converter. Professional DVD creator can rip videos to DVD discs with original high quality.

Let’s learn how to convert MKV to DVD with Leawo MKV to Bluray Converter.

1.Click “Add” to import original MKV videos or directly drag-and-drop them into DVD creator or click “File”.

2. Click  to edit the video before burning.

Go to “Effect” to enhance video and audio detail by adjusting brightness, contrast and audio volumes.

Go to “Trim” to get an extract length of video you want to put into the DVD.

Go to “Crop” to get rid of black margins if there is any.

Apply a text to be a watermark above the video

3.Click convert icon head to next steps, select a DVD menu templates. It is available to customize background music and pictures.

4. Select a profile that suits your DVD-TV system best. Then done.

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