How to convert MKV to Apple TV 3

Apple TV 3 is a tiny entertainment powerhouse that plays the content you love in iTunes, Netflix, YouTube, and your favorite sports leagues on your widescreen TV. It provides up to 1080p HD video effect just by plugging it in your TV set. If you have got lots of MKV videos and want to play those MKV files on your widescreen TV with Apple TV3, we will share you detailed solution about how to convert MKV to Apple TV 3 for enjoyment.
To convert MKV to Apple TV 3, we need obtain a MKV to Apple TV converter and learn about what’s the video format Apple TV 3 support. Apple TV 3 can handle the below formats:
–H.264 video up to 1080p
–MPEG-4 video up to 2.5Mbps, 640*480 pixels

Download and install MKV to Apple TV converter in your pc.

Step1. Import MKV files into MKV to Apple TV Converter
Launch MKV to Apple TV Converter, click “Add” or directly drag and drop MKV files into the program. You can preview the imported file with the built-in player by double clicking the file.

Step2. Edit (Optional)
To better the video effect such as get rid of the black margin of the video, you can click “Edit” button to edit the video, such as trimming the video length, cropping the video size to get the black margin, adjusting video effect and adding watermark to the videos. You can also set 3D effect by clicking 3D button if your TV supports 3D.

Step3. Set the output format
Go to the drop down box of “Profile”, and choose one suitable format in “Apple TV” column which has been provided by MKV to Apple TV converter.

Step4. Convert MKV to Apple TV 3
Then choose the output that is the destination of your converted videos, and click “Convert” button to convert MKV to Apple TV 3 supported formats. After conversion, transfer to Apple TV via iTunes.

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