How to convert DVD ISO to MKV lossless

MKV provides high quality visual contents while maintaining several subtitles and audio tracks in a single file, which has made it become the best choice for preserving and playing. As DVD ISO files also take up lots of space for storing, why not convert DVD ISO to MKV? Not only you can save pc space but also it can maintain the original effect of DVD without quality loss.
Converting DVD ISO to MKV is quite easy with the help of a Blu ray to MKV converter, which is a powerful program for converting both Blu ray and DVD files to MKV with fast speed and high quality. The following guide will detail you how to convert DVD ISO to MKV with Bluray to MKV converter step by step for your reference.

Download and install Bluray to MKV converter.

How to convert DVD ISO to MKV?

1. Launch Bluray to MKV converter.
Start Bluray to MKV converter; click the drop down arrow of “Load Disc” to “Load DVD ISO files” into the program. Then you can preview your selected movies in the play window.

2. Set subtitle and audio track
Click “Tools” menu-> “Preference”-> “Audio” tab to set audio and sub title language by preference. The software will remember the language you’d like to keep and select audio and subtitles of desired languages by default at next run.

3. Edit the imported videos
Go back to the home interface, click “Edit” button to select desired subtitles and audio tracks for all chapters. Then choose “Lossless” in dropdown list of “Format” so as to get lossless DVD ISO output.

4. Convert DVD ISO to MKV
Then just click “Convert” button to start converting DVD ISO to MKV.

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