How to Convert BDMV to MKV?

Did you ever found a BDMV file on your hard disk? Have you wondering what is it exactly? There are two basic formats for titles in Blu-ray. BD titles authored with menu support are in the BD-MV (Blu-ray Disc Movie) format. BDMV discs normally contain audio, video, interactive menus and other streams. BD-MV supports both high definition (HD) and standard definition (SD) content.

Converting BDMV to MKV with Bluray to MKV Converter:

Step 1: Load BDMV Files.

Insert the BDMV files that you want to convert to MKV, please click “File” to load the root folder of this movie. Also you can clickto import BDMV files. Right here, please choose “Load BD/DVD Folder”.

Step 2: Output MKV Settings.

Click the Blu-ray folder you just loaded to unfold all source info in the Blu-ray movie: video info, audio info and subtitle info. Check or uncheck audio and subtitle streams to retain preferred soundtracks and subs in output MKV files.

Choose one format from menu of “Format”. For playback on common computer media player, please choose “HD Player”. Want to convert BDMV to MKV without quality loss, just choose “Lossless” in format and keep all audio tracks and subtitle streams.

Step 4: Start to convert

After accomplish all the settings, get back to primary interface, set definition folder for output, then clickto start copy BDMV to MKV.

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