How to Convert ASF to MKV on Mac?

ASF is part of Windows Media Framework. It is based basically on serialized objects which are essentially byte sequences. When this type of file is played back text is delivered as a continuous flow of data. Do not have to wait for the whole video and audio file to download fully before you start to view them. The file is especially designed to run on networks.

In this guide we will show you how to convert ASF to MKV on Mac. Follow up this step-by-step guide.

Download MKV Converter for Mac:

Step 1-Load the ASF files you want to convert into the Mac MKV Converter. Click  in middle of the program to add video files, or click “File” within top menu to add video folder for batch conversions.

Step 2-Choose the output format. Pick “MKV” among common video. Have several ASF files, check “Apply to all”. If you are a pro, click the plus sign within same panel to set the profile parameters manually.

Step 3-Optional Settings. Some basic video editing functions, you can customize your output if you like: crop, trim, rotation, effect and watermark.

Step 4- Start the ASF to MKV on Mac conversion. After all the steps above, click to start conversion. The required time varies with the file sizes and the parameters you set. The program will remind you the convert successfully after it is done.

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