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How to convert iTunes movie to MKV

ITunes to MKV converter is a great choice for people who want to convert iTunes movies to MKV for MKV-compatible devices. It is designed to convert iTunes movies, videos to MKV and other popular videos and audio files to meet different needs. In this post, we will share you how to More

How to convert YouTube video to MKV for Nexus 10

Want to play downloaded YouTube videos on Nexus 10 but Nexus 10 cannot read YouTube FLV videos directly? That’s because Nexus 10 cannot deal with FLV format. If you want to play YouTube videos on Nexus 10, it’s advisable to convert YouTube video to MKV which provides high quality video effect More

Tutorial: How to convert YouTube videos to MKV

This guide will detail you an easy way to convert YouTube videos to MKV with a professional YouTube to MKV converter. The YouTube to MKV conversion will be finished in just four steps.

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How to convert M4V to MKV

MKV provides high quality video files while M4V takes great market share as the popularity of Apple’s media players. It seems that there are no link between MKV and M4V, but we have to say that MKV is indeed more playable and supportable by computer and non-Apple portable devices for playback More

Get PS Vita Play Your MKV Videos and DVD Movies

The Sony PlayStation Vita is the brand new portable game console of the PlayStation Portable which was unveiled on May 11, 2004. The new edge console has released in Japan on December 17, 2011. It is expected to be released in North America and Europe on February 22 of this year. In PS Vita, you More

Convert YouTube to MKV on Windows Computer

If you have a bunch of downloaded YouTube video and want to convert them into other video formats for further use, this tutorial can offer you a solution.

The application can convert YouTube to MKV and perform conversions among other popular video formats such as MP4, FLV, WMV, MOV, MPEG, More

How to Convert F4V to MKV?

What is F4V? F4V is a video container format that used by Adobe Flash. F4V files are similar to FLV files, but use “boxes” to store data. Basically it is Adobe’s wrapper for H.264 video. The format can be opened by Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Flash CS5 and VideoLAN VLC media player. If you More

How to Convert ASF to MKV?

Part One: What is ASF?

ASF is short for Advanced System Format which is a streaming format developed by Microsoft. The file can contain video, audio, slide shows and synchronized events. The most common file types contained within as ASF file are Windows Media Audio (WMA) More

How to Convert Video to HP Touchpad?

HP TouchPad is the first tablet PC running WebOS. It employs high resolution 9.7-inch screen which makes watching movies on it is definitely feast for eyes. How can we get our film collections to HP TouchPad? Follow up the post, it offers you an easy solution to convert video to More

How to Make 3D Video Easily?

Do you want to make 3D video by yourself? If you have a 3D camera, creating 3D video will be a lot simpler. You can still create 3D video on your own without one. Since Hollywood has decided every blockbuster has to be in 3D now, why don’t we follow the tendency? Out there, some methods are More