Easily Converting MKV Files to DVD

There are quick and easy solutions to encoding MKV files to DVD. Here are detailed guide which will show you how to convert MKV to DVD.

Many MKV files you have include high definition video content, these videos are usually crystal clear based on its source. Converting MKV files to DVD could save a lot of space for your personal computer.

Let’s move on. We are going to conduct the conversion with the aid of MKV to DVD converter.

1-Insert source MKV files for burning. There are three ways for you to load files: check “File” to load video folder, click img2 button or straight drag and drop them into the converter.

2-Edit video files. Click to start editing output video as demand.

Trim: type in precise time point or just choose segment on the processing bar. Remove unnecessary portion.

Crop: adjust cropped size to remove black margins or subtitle.

Effect: adjust brightness, contrast saturation and volume.

Watermark: add personal logo for your DVD.

3- DVD settings. Since we have finished editing videos, come back to main interface and click. Choose one theme from preset template menu. Also you can set background pictures and music by yourself.

Then we come to the most important step. It is optional to burn MKVs to ISO File, DVD Folder or Blu-ray Folder. Please choose correct TV Standard as per you location.

Here is a chart for your reference:

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