Converting Blu ray to MKV on Mac Easily

“I have some questions about ripping Blu-ray movies to MKV files. What is the best software for Blu-ray to MKV conversion? Is there free software that can accomplish this? How do I compress Blu-ray movie at least half of a size while video and audio keeping the best quality? Some movies contain different subtitles and soundtracks, how can I convert preferred tracks into MKV files?”

There are many Blu-ray ripper available out there. Actually, it is in software crisis, none freeware can accomplish converting Blu ray to MKV on Mac perfectly.

Blu ray to MKV Converter for Mac is powerful but easy to use Blu-ray ripper for Mac user. It can rip your Blu-ray movie to MKV and other video formats with fast speed and high quality. What’s more, subtitles and audio tracks in disc are alternative to convert to output.

Next post is written for show you the detailed way to convert Blu ray to MKV on Mac, if you want to perform Converting Blu ray to MKV on Mac, stick with it.

Learn how to convert Blu ray to MKV on Mac

Download Mac Blu-ray Ripper:

1-Load Blu-ray to the ripper.

Insert Blu ray disc to computer drive. Run Blu ray to MKV Converter for Mac. Click the adding button for Blu-ray files  to add the movie contents.

2-As soon as you add bluray files in, you will see a window like below.

There are two modes: Movie Mode and Episode Mode. Movie Mode will automatically select the longest episode as the to-be-loaded content (mostly the main movie), while the Episode Mode would enable you freely select which episodes to load. Pick one mode as your demand. Then click OK to next step.

If your discs have multiple subtitle and audio tracks, click on  to add pick preferred one.

3-Click the button before 3D, it is for choosing profile for output. Pick “MKV” or “HD MKV” here. If you are a pro for advanced video and audio settings, click the plus sign.

4-After finish settings for output, click to start converting Blu ray to MKV on Mac.

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