Convert MKV to H.264 for Playback on PS3/Xbox

“Just wondering if any of you guys know how to convert MKV to H.264 (PS3 and Xbox). I have read a few tutorials but none too precise and at last got ffmpeg installed and tried this command: ffmpeg -i file.mkv file.mp4. That turns out to convert 5.5GB files to 700MB file with really bad quality. Anyone here would know a script to do whatever need to be done? Or maybe not ffmpeg at all and something else works much better? Thanks for your help in advance—Bodis”

This is a question I found from This guy is confused about converting MKV to H.264 files. Actually, his problem easily can be solved. Using a professional MKV converter, concerns can be fixed.

For instance, you may try MKV Converter out, it is free to download.

It comes with explicit user interface, can easily and quickly convert MKV to H.264 for playing on PS3 or Xbox and other portable devices.

Here is detailed guide on how to convert MKV to H.264 files.

Step1-Run the converter and Load MKV files.

Please click  button and input source MKV files from your computer. Or you may simply drag and drop the files in main interface.

Step2- Output Settings

A: Click “Profile” bar and type in “H.264” in search box directly. In that case, all H.264 format types will be list out.

If you would like to customize output settings like Video Codec, Resolution, Frame Rate, Bit rate, just click “Settings” button to set them.

B: For more personalized functions, the MKV converter also brings video edit features. They are in four parts: Effect, Trim, Crop and Watermark.

Trim is for you to cut a segment out of the original video.

In Crop, you may remove subtitles and logos if you like.

The Effect part covers the audiovisual adjustment on brightness, contrast, audio volume and so on.

It is available to apply an image or text as a watermark.

Step3- Start Convert MKV to H.264

The application supports batch conversion, so you could get all the sources files ready then click  to start the conversion.

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