Guide on Burning MKV to DVD with MKV to DVD Converter

DVD always get nice qualities, if you intend to burn some movies into DVD discs or Blu-ray discs, it is suggested to find some high definition video files, for instance MKV. MKV can hold different types if video and audio and is being widely used for content distribution today. Burn high definition MKV file to DVD, the high quality will keep.

With professional MKV to DVD Converter, burn multiple MKV files to DVD.

A-Add MKV files to DVD creator.

a. Click b. Check “File” to add video files or video folder. c. straight drag and drop MKV files to Leawo MKV to DVD converter.

B-Edit Output

Click  to edit videos: Trim, Crop, Effect and Watermark.

a.Trim video. Drag slider under the preview screen to set start and end time. Or just put in the specific starting and ending time to select the part need converting.

b. Crop video. It enables you leave out unnecessary part in the frame.

c. Effect setting. Where you can set brightness, saturation and contrast.

d. Watermark: Add textual or image logo for your output.

C-Set DVD Settings

Click to set DVD related setting. Pick one theme from preset options or customize your personal templates.

D-Burn MKV to DVD

This is the key step.

-Please choose to “Burn to” DVD folder

-optional to create image files

-Video Settings: choose right TV Standard as your location. Then set Disc Type and Video Quality.

-Click “Start” to begin to burn MKV to DVD.

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