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How to convert iTunes movie to MKV

ITunes to MKV converter is a great choice for people who want to convert iTunes movies to MKV for MKV-compatible devices. It is designed to convert iTunes movies, videos to MKV and other popular videos and audio files to meet different needs. In this post, we will share you how to More

How to convert YouTube video to MKV for Nexus 10

Want to play downloaded YouTube videos on Nexus 10 but Nexus 10 cannot read YouTube FLV videos directly? That’s because Nexus 10 cannot deal with FLV format. If you want to play YouTube videos on Nexus 10, it’s advisable to convert YouTube video to MKV which provides high quality video effect More

How to convert MKV to iPad4 on Mac

Collected a lot of fantastic MKV movies and want to play them on your iPad4? What a pity that iPad4 cannot play MKV videos. If you want to play MKV on your ipad4, you have to convert MKV to iPad4 More

How to convert MKV to iPad 4

Got some wonderful MKV videos and want to watch them on your new iPad? You may be worried about the format incapability problem as MKV is not supported by iPad. You have to convert MKV to iPad compatible format like MP4, M4V and MOV.
According More

How to convert DVD ISO to MKV lossless

MKV provides high quality visual contents while maintaining several subtitles and audio tracks in a single file, which has made it become the best choice for preserving and playing. As DVD ISO files also take up lots of space for storing, why not convert DVD ISO to MKV? Not only you can save pc More

How to convert MKV to iPad Mini on Mac

People who want to play MKV videos on iPad Mini will get a solution here to learn how to convert MKV to iPad Mini on Mac.
Although iPad Mini cannot read MKV videos directly, we can use the third-party software like MKV to iPad Mini converter to help More

How to convert MKV to LG Nexus 4

What make LG Nexus 4 so popular? Fast processor? Very big display? Extremely high pixel density screen? Lots of RAM? High-resolution display?…… All above mentioned features have made LG Nexus 4 a popular smart phone, also a great media player with its big and high-resolution screen. More