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How to Convert High Definition MKV to iPad Tablet?

MKV is an envelope for multiple audio tracks, video streams and subtitles. It is not like a video compression format, always comes with high-definition effect which compare favorably with DVD or Blu-ray videos. Since you have these high definition videos, how can we get them on your iPad or iPad More

Easily Convert MKV Video to Xoom Tablet

“I had lots of struggling with my Xoom playing MKV files in RockPlayer and VPlayer. Has anyone worked out a good MKV player with minimal shuttering yet or some other ways?”

Terga 2 don’t support high definition .mkv video. And most players out of box can’t do that as well. The More

How to Convert MKV to iPad on Mac?

This post is going to aims at converting MKV files to iPad on Mac. Hope it is helpful for who are confusing about getting MKV to iPad on Apple computer.

Not so many guys are familiar with MKV files. Actually, it is one of the most popular formats currently, especially for keeping HD More

How to Get MKV to Windows Movie Maker?

“I am trying to make a music video with Windows Movie Maker, but I failed to import sources videos into it. They are in .mkv files. A friend told me to change the extension name of the video, but it doesn’t work. Any help will be appreciated.”

Do you ever have the same problem? In More

How to Watch MKV on BlackBerry PlayBook?

Here are BlackBerry PlayBook tablet supported video media formats: 3GP, 3GP2, M4A, M4V MOV, MP4, MPEG-4, AVI, ASF, WMV. Just like the most gadgets, PlayBook doesn’t support MKV out of the box. Hopefully a third party app steps in so that it can recognize the MKV container. Before the app come More

Easily Convert MKV to Wii Player

Want to use your Wii to play MKV movies which download from internet? The MKV files take too many room of memory stick. Need a tool for convert MKV files to Wii playable formats. The Nintendo is more than a game only console; it is also capable of viewing photos and movies. Certainly, Wii More

Easily Convert MKV to PlayBook on Mac

BlackBerry PlayBook employs a 7 inches 1024×600 touch screen and supports high resolution video playback (H.264, MPEG4, WMV). Yet it does not supports HD MKV playback. Currently, because of the high quality of MKV formats, more and more movies are in MKV format. MKV files can preserve More

Way to Convert Video to 3D MKV on Mac

“Is there a 2D to 3D tool, or some way to convert 2D video to 3D video? I wanna put my 2D video to my 3D TV for playback. –Joshua”

Answer: Mac MKV Converter can transform normal video files into stereoscopic 3D in real time and with good quality. It is a professional MKV tool for Mac More

How to Convert MKV to DV on Mac?

DV is a standard format saved to the DV tape which used in most consumer digital camcorders. It has become a standard for home and semi-professional video production. The format can be imported into many video editing programs. DV now is strongly associated with independent file and citizen More

Convert MKV to Motorola Defy with Ease

Dust-resistant, waterproof and tougher than a pair of particularly old boots, that is Motorola Defy which is with definitely toughness. The advantage of Defy is not gorgeous in exteriors or high functionality; it is built to last and beauty in strength.

Defy supports MP4, H.264 and WMV More